Can You Hire Your Dream Team Remotely?

How to navigate the remote purchase of a new home

Way before the onset of COVID-19, more and more homebuyers were navigating not only the remote purchase of a new home, but also taking advantage of digital resources to feather the nest and prepare their new home for move-in. Bend, Oregon, sits at the cutting edge of this trend, a destination location for entrepreneurs and adventurers alike. At Bend Relo, we understand that just because you have an adventurous spirit doesn’t mean you’re cool to leave your relocation process to fate. Hire your dream team with confidence, and your new home is sure to match your vision.

Choose a real estate agent you can talk to.

A real estate agent you can work with remotely is not only your eyes and ears, but the whole in-person package. In-depth knowledge of the local market is vital. Personal knowledge of what it’s like to relocate to and live in Bend is priceless. Every member of the Bend Relo team has their story and understands both the fundamentals and intricacies of making a move to Bend and Central Oregon.

In another blog, we cover some of the finer points of remote house hunting with Bend Relo tools such as live Facebook tours and virtual walk-throughs. Masterful use of the tech is essential, as is the knowledge your real estate agent has of local lenders, title companies, and other critical Bend-area home buying services.

Another huge advantage to developing a strong relationship with your on-the-ground agent is that they can gain and share insight into the home seller’s frame of mind, and give you, the home buyer, the advantage if it comes to a bidding war.

remote purchase of a home

Realize some pieces of the process are unaffected by distance.

A few aspects of buying a new home in Central Oregon and anywhere are already largely managed online or from a distance. For example, appraisals are calculated from a host of external factors, many of which can be determined virtually, from a desktop. Title reviews are almost always conducted online.

Ask good questions, and a lot of them.

When it comes time to prepare your new home for your arrival, Heidi Byrnes, Owner/Designer of Society West Design in Bend, stresses the importance of homework when hiring a team from a distance. Once you find a designer portfolio or website whose style resonates with yours, “Read reviews and notice what kind of design work they specialize in,” whether that means decorating only or includes construction and remodeling.

“Schedule a call to discuss your project and to see if their personality is a good fit with yours,” says Heidi, and suggests the following questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have a diverse selection of materials or are you limited to buying from a single source?
  • What is an example of a “worst-case scenario,” and how did you problem-solve?

Another tip is to understand how the process maps out and what communication will look like, including regular video chats and/or phone calls. Heidi uses creative tools such as virtual mood boards and offers practical support such as purchasing, receiving, and arranging delivery schedules.

“Great vision is only as good as the execution behind it,” offers Heidi, who relies on collaborators she, as well as her clients, can trust. “Society West’s support group is comprised of licensed, bonded industry veterans. From installers to project managers, fabricators to builders, we work closely with our highly vetted partners to ensure that our execution is as consistent, efficient, and detailed.”

Relocate with confidence.

It’s more than possible—in fact, navigating the remote purchase of a new home may just be part of the new order. The good news is, you can feel connected to and at ease with your decisions with the right Bend, OR, real estate agent and a local support team that represents you and your interests.

Shelby Little

Shelby Little

Shelby Little is a local writer, maker, mother and business owner who relocated to Central Oregon from Virginia in 2012. When she’s not blogging, she’s vlogging or playing in the parks with her family.

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