Can You Feel Confident About Buying a Home With Just a Virtual Tour?

Buyers often need to act fast in competitive markets like Central Oregon

While the Bend virtual home tour is not new, never before has it been so essential to buying a home in Central Oregon. More than a photo gallery or slideshow, a video chat house tour provides the next best thing to being there—if it’s done right. At Bend Relo, we suggest before you join us for a live Facebook tour or Zoom virtual showing, create and follow a checklist to get everything you need to research a property and rock your virtual house tour from wherever you are.

According to The New York Times, a Redfin survey taken fewer than two years ago stated at least twenty percent of buyers who submitted an offer on a house in a competitive market did so sight unseen—without a single in-person visit to the property before closing. Terrifying as that may once have seemed, the trend not only continues, it’s become increasingly commonplace. Consider the following tips for acing your video chat home tour

Embrace the technology

Real-time video has the advantage over 3-D tours and still photos in that some real-life human is onsite and actually taking the video. While your experience remains largely visual, let your trusted tour guide fill in the sensory gaps, be your ears and nose as well as your eyes. They’ll be able to smell the carpet as well as see the fresh vacuum trails.

Be prepared

With a video chat house tour, the combination of visual images and audio make it easy to interview an agent or home seller, and let you revisit and review the information in your own time. Construct a list of questions ahead of time, and don’t be shy about getting into the details. Your Bend Relo agent sees your questions in real-time when you type them in during the remote home tour. Any knowledge you can add to your personal database about how the house feels in summer and winter, where the morning light hits, and how well it’s wired for connectivity will enable you to picture yourself there and assess whether it’s the house for you in Bend, OR.

Do more than look

As if you were there, encourage your tour guide to flush the toilets and get up close and personal with the appliances. If you can’t be there in real-time and your virtual home tour is pre-recorded, request that the person doing the walk-through get as hands-on as possible in your absence.

Go outdoors

Extend the parameters of your digital home tour with a panorama of the street and a bit of the neighborhood. What’s traffic and parking like close to home? Does the property back up to a wooded area, and if so, what’s the local wildlife situation? What can you hear from the house?

Virtual tour devices

A typical smartphone or tablet enables just about anyone to record and send a home tour that gets you as close as possible to the experience of an in-person walkthrough. And remember, a virtual home tour is one you can take again and again, pausing where you want to focus on the details. Miss the moment in real-time on the tour when your guide showed off the pantry? Go back and see it again. In many ways, a thorough digital tour can help expedite your decision, when how quickly you can make a decision matters.

The ability to respond quickly can mean the difference between a successful bid and an indefinite extension of your quest to buy the home you want. With a thorough video chat home tour, the savvy buyer can quell any fear of missing something critical and relocate to their dream house with confidence. As a bonus, you’ll have your very first home movie, a keepsake to mark the beginning of a successful move to your new nest.

Irene Cooper

Irene Cooper

Irene Cooper is a poet, novelist, creative copywriter, and 24-year resident of Bend, Oregon, having lived in cities and small towns from New York to Rio de Janeiro to Markleevile, California. When not blogging, Irene dedicates time and energy to expanding and supporting the Central Oregon writing community.

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